Something for everyone

Hotel Guossi offers something for everyone: our accommodation ranges from luxury hotel rooms to cosy apartments. Free Wi-Fi in public areas of the main building and hotel rooms. The hotel room and apartment prices include breakfast and bedding. Extra beds €36/bed/day.


Check-in after 4 p.m. on the day of arrival. Check-out at noon.
The booking is valid until 6 p.m. Free booking and cancellation.

Please attach credit card details to the reservation.

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Hotel rooms

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Our twin rooms offer a touch of luxury for those arriving to the heart of Sápmi. The spacious and comfortable rooms have two 90 cm-wide beds, a large table and a flat-screen TV.

Price €122/night.


Caravan site

Hotel Guossi has eight all-year-round caravan pitches.

€28/night including electricity and the use of sauna and toilet.


Our cosy 40–85 m2 apartments are well-equipped with fireplace, sauna, TV and a large patio. The kitchen has kitchenware and the most common appliances.



Double hotel room with more space and private hallway & sauna.

1 bedroom + livingroom + shower and WC / 2 guests




1 bedroom + kitchen/living room + shower and WC / 2 guests




1 bedroom + alcove +kitchen/living room + shower and WC / 4 guests


Smoking and pets are allowed in this apartment.



1 bedroom + alcove +kitchen/living room + sauna + shower fireplace and WC / 3 guests



Two apartments with 4 bedrooms + kitchen/living room + sauna + shower and 2 WC / 8 persons



Please note that smoking is not allowed in any of our apartments, except in Kojamo.